About Us

Scent From Heaven

Here at Scent From Heaven, we create scented soy wax melts, that are hand-poured in Mableton, GA. These scented wax melts can be used in various wax warmers, both tea light & electric. The unique shape of these melts allows you to mix and match scents and create a unique fragrance of your own and control the quantity used. 


You definitely need to look into aromatherapy cause baby.. each one gives a release.I have a headache but its like a tension release when I smell them for real!

Quisha P

My wax melts ae in and BOY they stinkin up the house so beautifully.. thanks to Scent From Heaven


How DARE you give me another addiction?! You have the audacity to make a product that smells so good that I now have to bookmark your site on my phone..